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Software Update History

Note: Web Applications and Desktop applications are 2 different products.

 Current VersionRelease DateNotes
Charitable Financial Planner LIVE (Web Application)2020.001/15/2020 
Retirement Distributions Live (Web Application)2020.001/10/2020 
Estate Planning Tools (Desktop) 2020.003/5/2020 Instructions sent by e-mail
Estate Planning QuickView (Desktop)2020.003/6/2020 Instructions sent by e-mail
Charitable Financial Planner (Desktop) 2020.002/24/2020 Instructions sent by e-mail
Kugler Estate Analyzer ™ (Desktop)2020.002/4/2020 Instructions sent by e-mail 
Retirement Plan Analyzer (Desktop)2020.104/17/2020 Instructions sent by e-mailCARES Act update
Retirement Distributions Planner (Desktop)2020.104/15/2020 Instructions sent by e-mailCARES Act update
PFP Notebook™ (Desktop)2020.0011/14/2019 Instructions sent by e-mail 
Savings Bond Toolkit (Desktop)2020.0011/12/2019 Instructions sent by e-mail 

If your version number is different than what is listed above, e-mail:

Estate Planning Tools version 2020.00:

  • 2020 income & estate tax adjustments included, impacting 15+ models.
  • Help Files are updated for new content.
  • The State Death Tax Manager has been updated to include changes for CT, DC, HI, ME, RI, NY and VT.
  • IRMAA module updated for 2020 Medicare tables.
  • The Estate Model has been enhanced with several new inputs to expand the calculation.
  • The CLAT Model has a new option to select between two different economic schedule calculations.
  • Added an alert system to notify the user when there is a newer version released. When the alert is present, it will give information on how to get the new version.
  • A News Channel was added to keep the user current on all Brentmark releases, including State Death Tax Manager data files.
  • New software is used to create the installation, allowing for a more streamline approach.
  • The executable and the installation file are both signed with an EV Code Signing Certificate.
  • AFR Manager has been added under the Edit menu to allow for manual download if needed, as well as diagnostics.
  • Several Display and User Input Behavior Issues have been resolved.